Poor? ... Why do you think? ...

As what I saw around me, I can say that one reason is because there's a lot of people who are so dependent with their family and relatives to provide for them. There are some people who are just depended for what their parents can give. Or just a people who still can manage to work but didn't do it especially when the other member of the family has a source of income, they didn't work hard or have courage to find one and love their work because they think there still someone they can provide for them, or maybe they are really lazy to do it. Instead of working they do things that really not that important. 

Or some don't know the art of saving... Yes, they do work, but they also do shopping or simply waste money for fun and spend a large amount of their paycheck for just one night or a day... Its ok to have fun as long as you know how to budget your money, people tend to borrow or lend just to spend for not so important celebration or things... Some people  don't know how to live simply or live for just what they earned.

Maybe because other people think, we can't bring money when we are dead, so why save a lot, but we can also think when would be your end? yes, there is no permanent thing in this world except changes. And also time would not stop just for us to cope for the lost. So why don't we love our  work and save while living our life to the fullest. Because we didn't know up to when we need money, up to when we have to stay on earth.. Especially like now that we didn't know when and where tragedy and calamity will strike. 

I know with everyones determination, desire, discipline and perseverance we can make our own self a successful one.

I believe own success and riches is countries success and riches.

As long as there is a poor family, there would be a poor country. 

Agree or not? ;) annenonimity

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