A Cab Driver And A Nun

A Cab Driver And A Nun

One night a Nun flagged down a taxi and told him to go to 5th and Main St. While driving the Cab driver began to laugh, the Nun asked "What is so funny?" The cab driver said "I've always wanted to get head from a Nun!" The Nun said "Well there are 3 regulations." The cab driver said "What are they?" The Nun said "Well you have to be catholic, can not be married and you can not have any children!" The cab driver said "I'm catholic,no wife and no childern!" The Nun said "Pull into an alley." So they did, and the Nun did what he wanted, and they got into the cab and drove off. The Cab driver began to cry. "Whats wrong said the Nun?" "I lied to you, I'm Baptist, I am married, and I have 3 kids!" The nun asid "Thats ok my name is Tom and I'm going to a costume party!"

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  1. Another funny short story from ate Donits CD compilation... more to come