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I used to work in a Rural Bank. Banking hours from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. One year and nine months as a Bank Teller and one year as Loans Bookkeeper. I can say that my life as a banker is tremendously exciting and challenging. I remember when I started as a Bank Teller I was really nervous whenever I accepted an over the counter transactions. I'm nervous because every cash disbalance is charge to me. Every fake money that missed on your sight is a Teller's responsibility. Co-workers said that when you experienced to pay back a cash shortages you can fully call as a Bank Teller. Lol, luckily I only pay back One Thousand Pesos  (Php 1,000.00) for the whole period of being a Teller unlike to other Tellers that had a shortages that reached to Ten Thousand Pesos and even more than that. 

The usual thinking when the bank close at 3:00pm no other transactions conducted. But no, because when it close at 3pm tellers should finish counting bills and coins, balance all cash and non-cash transactions. Arrange all deposits, withdrawals, official receipts and other bank documents numerically. And also generate reports from a Banking System. Aside from that, CASA (Current Account, Savings Account) Tellers still has some reports to comply during Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End Audit. 

My life as a Teller ended when I promoted as a Loans Bookkeeper. I also acted as a Customer Service Associate. Whew! and that is the day when my life turns upside down. Being a Loans Bookkeeper is not a joke. I knew it from the very start that is not an easy job and I don't turn back to a challenge, a big challenge that was. 

From that moment in time, lol, I didn't had a very smooth day. I was very attached to my work. And doing an audit reports makes my day like a hell. Balancing a report from the records that almost a year past is like haunting a needle in the mountain of hay. Oh yah, Auditing is seasonal, Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End. But mind you, my work is not just like doing a seasonal audit report. I still have to do the Tuesday Report, Friday Report and Month-End Report. A never ending reports. And doing such report doesn't stop me from assisting clients needs and inquiries. Plus I still have to give the Account Officer's needs. A never ending hardship but if you love, manage and know the techniques, you will have a fruitful and marvelous day ahead of it. 

My Life as a Banker didn't revolved in just doing a never ending reports. I loved the tradition of celebrating birthdays, Christmas Parties and Summer Outings. What made us unique is that we have an overall celebration and branches celebration. And if we are invited we can also join to other branch :D .

Canyon Cove March 2011 Summer Outing

Laiya White Cove Resort April 2010 Summer Outing

Cabuyao Branch 2010 Christmas Party

Cabuyao Branch Christmas Party

Canyon Cove March 2011 Summer Outing

A very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all of us.      

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