Reel Time (GMA News TV 11)


I was in tears while watching the Documentary Show of GMA News TV Reel Time presents Dayuhang Dukha. One of the reason is, it really touched my heart and hmmm something personal, but then their stories are true. 

Some Filipina thought that every foreigner is rich, that these foreigners can give the extravagant life they been dreaming of. They will marry the foreigner even though they don't  love them, as long as they can see a little money (hundred thousands or more would be fine). In the long run, when the foreigner started to lose money, they will leave them. And worst thing, some of them are the reasons why these foreigners became hopelessly poor. And admit or not, some of us is the reason of their downfall. 

I've heard a story of a Filipina , she marry the foreigner because she thought that he can help to support her family, unfortunately, the foreign guy is not that rich as she were expected. She still need to work to support her parents here in the Philippines and help her husband for their household expenses. And so, she blamed her husband for the life that she has right now, a working mom and wife. She never been happy because of her own disappointment for the life that she choose. She expected too much for this guy, dream to live like a rich, and without even thinking the life that she had before this man came to her life, living a hand to mouth of existence. She wanted to go back to her home country because she didn't get the life that she wanted. 

Some Filipina thought these foreigners is like a gold, marrying without knowing them fully. Well, maybe if from the very start they find out that these foreigners are also working hard to get a good life. Only if, there is even a little love, care and understanding before they get married. For sure, whatever hardship that came on their way, they will never leave their partners, instead, work hand in hand to have a better and happy life. If only.

The Documentary showed some of the reason why these foreigners got broke and live in streets or have nothing at all. What made my heart broke seeing the show is the truth, being broke is happen to anyone and anywhere. Realization sunk in me and better understanding for one person in particular. And also the fact that there is still some foreigner who value their family and loved one more than any material things in this world. A number of this foreigner choose to stay in this foreign land just to be with their family. No matter how hard it is for them. It hurts because, we are all use to live this kind of life, but they are not. Because I know how hard it is to live without almost nothing and if I can do something, I don't wanna see anyone to suffer such thing.

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