Reel Time presents 'Dayuhang Dukha'


Due to insistent public demand, Reel Time presents 'Dayuhang Dukha' will going to have a replay in GMA NewsTV Channel 11  on February 11, Saturday at 3:25pm Philippine Time. So take this chance to watch the Documentary Show.

And to those who want to extend their help you can email GMA NewsTV at or, don't forget to leave your contact details. 

Once a Flamboyant and now a Poor Foreigner in the Philippines.


A German National who resigned to his stable job and decided to live in the Philippines. After three years, his money lose, and now he is a beggar that is sleeping along the street in Manila.


An American Citizen who has a high paying job and for an unexpected situation , he got fired. He has a two kids to a Filipina. And now living in a  hand-to-mouth existence. He didn't want to go back in America and leave his family.  


A German National who owned a bar and now live in an abandoned building.


Portuguese, a beggar who seen by people in Angeles, Pampanga and gave him a work. With the help of some Filipinos in the area, little by little he is getting back. He has a three children, that live in the province. He already asked for help in the embassy, unfortunately, the embassy can't help his children to come with him. On that case, he didn't accept the offer to go back in his home country, he don't want to leave his children without knowing how long he can come back and get them. 

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  1. Hi Nikita, I already contacted Reel Time and want to contact Kurt for possible job opportunity. Thanks for giving the email address of Reel Time.

    1. Thanks to you and to GMA NewsTV 11... God Bless Us...

  2. sana po my tutulong ky wolfgang npakasikat n chef yan naiyak nga misis ko nung npanuod nya s reeltime ng GMA 7 n palaboy n pla dto n pilipinas