Unofficially Yours


A romantic comedy film, or should I say a sexy romantic comedy film. Starring my crush John Lloyd Cruz and my hated actress Angel Locsin (lol) . Definitely the reason I watched the movie is because of JLC. But I admit  Angel is also great in the movie. 

We often  get attached to the movies that we watched because of the things that somewhat related to our life. I should admit that's one of the reason why I love the movie. I can't get over the line that JLC said to his friends "Ang sarap sabihin na mahal ko sya", and yep there's a "kilig" moment in saying that we love a person. Mackie (JLC in the movie) knew it from the very start that Ces (Angel Locsin in the movie) don't love her, and yet he enjoy the moments of being with her. 

Whew! I can say that I can really relate to what they been through. Not that I've been in a Unofficial Relationship. But the fact that Mackie love Ces even he is not sure if he can get the same love that he gave. Sometime we tend to fall in love without expecting in return, yes a good feeling it was. And to what Ces had been through that has been the reason of her of not wanting to fall in love again. Some girl tend to give up everything for her one and only love, even though that person didn't ask you to, just like me and Ces and I know most women out there. In the end nothings left but a broken heart and wounded pride.  

What made me different I think is that, I get hurt, lost almost everything but I don't give up. I know how fatal to fall in love but I also know how good it is to fall in love. Kung gano kasakit ma-inlove, ganun din kasarap mahalin at mag-mahal, just in the right time and with the right person. 

UnOfficially Yours Movie Quotable Lines!

Some of the good lines in the movie...
Boom: "Sus naman! One night stand nga eh. Ano pa bang gusto mong mangyari? Nakalimutan mo magthank you?

Lloydie: "Pag ganun ba dapat mag thank you?"

--- lol, nice one JLC...

Angel: Malabo ba?

Lloydie: Alin?
Angel: Yung tayo.
Lloydie: May tayo na pala Ces. 

--- Funny JLC...hahaha...

Angel: Sa bawat isa kasing pinipili may isang libong bagay kang tinatanggihan.

Lloydie: Eh paano kung patunayan sayo ng isang pinili mo na higit pa siya sa isang libong tinanggihan mo?”

--- Ouch!...

So, being a hopeless romantic this movie is two thumbs up, true and true and true... Worth watching...  

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