Too many people counting on the government


I can’t say that I’m an anti or pro government. I’d rather say I’m in between, the government and the most numbers of the community, the poor. I can say that I had an opportunity to see how they work in the society.

Most people blame the government on why they are poor. In my opinion, both parties have equal responsibilities in the economic and financial status of each and every one of us. Blog11

I think some of the local government unit’s projects are less than useful for most people. Maybe that’s why other people pointed the government as the reason of poverty.

On the other hand, I was disgusted on what poor people do on their spare time and money. Most Filipino poor people spend their time in gambling, drinking alcoholic beverages or night clubs. Rather than to find another career or look and think of another source of income.

In my opinion, why not work hand and hand for a better status of all instead of go on a witch hunt. I believe government can’t do it alone if the people they serving doesn’t help themselves to have a better life. On the other hand I’m hoping that corruption will totally vanish and the taxes will go to a very productive one.  annenonimity

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