Juncipop: A Real Friend Whatever and Whoever I Have


For over the years, I've been through a lot, good and bad. What makes him my real friend, he is still there for me, supported and stayed with me even on the darkest side of my life. He never fail to boost my faith and hope, he is one of the few people whose been loyal with me, whom I can trust to. I'm so lucky for having him. Without him, this blog site wouldn't be this beautiful and fabulous, he is annefinity's private website designer/programmer/editor and a lot more.

Junci is my sounding board, who fulfilled my dramas and made me get over it.lol. 

Thank you Jun Arceta for sharing whatever you have, time, ears, thoughts, knowledge and blessings. 

Your negative trait is as good as your positive one. haha. 

Cheers! More blessings for us. 

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