One of my Fave Blogs, Neawear!

And yes in this cold and rainy evening (or should I say morning), I'm inspired to write about the one of my favorite blogs, neawear . 

Mind you, Janick from neawear did not pay for me to write this, lol, I'm just an avid fan/follower of her blog and shop (and thats me, telling the world how much I appreciate and love everything). I was really amazed and inspired by her work of art, I've seen a lot of handmade in the web, but what I love in neawear is its simplicity and yet looks elegant and neatly arranged. Her work is my inspiration, seeing all her products really made me feel of pursuing the things that I love to do, cross stitching! I don't even remember on what post of her I wrote a comment, and I appreciate that she replied on it, that made me feel overwhelmed and appreciated, another reason for me to like neawear, she is not a snob. Maybe that was so simple to tell about her personality, and who I am to say some thing about her, we don't even met and not even exchanging an email. But all I can say is that, her works is enough for me to appreciate her but I would love to know more about her to be her friend :) .

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