Because #16FactsAboutMe became trending on Twitter,

 I was inspired to post my very own #16FactsAboutMe, hehe!

No. 1 - I love basketball
Actually, my sister is the first one who really
loves basketball, and because she always watch it
I don't have a chance but to join her watch. From
then on I became a fan. 

No. 2 - I love DIY
I don't know but I love 'Do It Yourself', even though
most of the time I can't find time to do it.

No. 3 - I like collecting
old bills/coins

No. 4 - I love keeping my friends
letters and gifts
These were my precious possessions.

No. 5 - I'm a Philatelist
Yes, from money, letters to postage stamps, and thanks to my
ex-boss who never fail to give me those as souvenir
from Scotland. 

No. 6 - I'm a hopeless romantic
Oh yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.
I believe in magic. I believe in love.
I believe in forever and after.

No. 7 - I love crafting
Yes, I love to craft. 
I have the passion in extracting
my creative side through crafting.

No. 8 - I love cross stitching
I started stitching since my elementary days.
During those times cross stitch was one of the
projects to be done for Home Economics
Since, I was the oldest daughter so I need
to learn most of those things, from then on,
it became one of my hobbies.  

No. 9 - I don't know how to swim
When I was 3 years old, if I'm not mistaken, I was almost
drown while we were in the swimming pool, from then on,
I did not have the courage to try swimming on my own again.

No. 10 - I love travelling
I'm a travel junkie who not yet experience
travelling abroad. I just never had a chance,

No. 11 - I love Taekwondo
I'm not a sporty person, I don't even pursue
any sports.However, Taekwondo change
my perspective in sports life The moment I did it,
I fell inlove and enjoyed every moves of it.
One of the effective stress reliever for me.

... to be continue

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