2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup: Congrats Gilas!

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After losing very close to #Croatia, #Greece, #Argentina, and #PuertoRico at #2014FIBABasketballWorldCup, finally the #GilasPilipinas got their very first World Cup victory in four decades after defeating #Senegal in #Seville, #Spain with a score of 81 - 79. All the sleepless nights when Gilas Pilipinas loss with their previous games, the Thursday night, 4th of September was a win worth waiting for, and it was another sleepless night not because of sadness but because of joyous victory of Gilas Pilipinas. 

As if Gilas Pilipinas got the Championship when "Congrats Gilas" became the top worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Though for us Filipinos, yes, they are our champion! Champions' in our hearts. 

Netizens shout their hearts out to show support on every games, they conquer the Twitter as they always on the trending lists. 

Even some of the foreign press celebrated and delighted for Gilas Pilipinas. 

Couper Moorhead, Former Sports Journalist
and now a member of the Miami Heat organization

Mark Jones of ESPN tweet

Gilas Pilipinas shook the world with their fighting spirit. 

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