Replacement/Renewal of EON Card

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EON card can be renewed in any Union bank branches but you have to confirm first if the branch would process it in just one day or one week. As I experienced, there was a branch that can process it or you can get the card the same day you renewed it and there was some that still you have to wait for one week. In Sta. Rosa Laguna Branch, the processing took one week. The staff told me that the activation period would be just 24hours, I got my Eon card last September 3, unfortunately, as of this writing it is not yet activated. I don't know what went wrong and I'm planning to call the customer service as soon as possible regarding this matter because I need it for my paypal account and other online transactions since it is a visa card.

As per experienced, the lists was the requirements when renewing your Eon card.
  1. Surrender the expired Eon card or an Affidavit of Loss in case you cannot surrender the old card.
  2. The annual fee for the previous year has been collected. If not, you will be requested to pay the annual fee prior to processing the request. 
  3. Pay a Php 150.00 for a replacement fee.
  4. Submit a photocopy of your two (2) valid IDs and photocopy of the expired Eon card. 
  5. Fill up the "Request for card replacement form" that can be get at the bank.
The bank will let you fill up another form, after accomplishing all this, depends on the branch if you can get it abruptly or you will wait for a week to get your Eon card. 

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