6 Blogsites that I Love

Now, I've realized that my spirit as hoarder does not ends in physical stuffs. Through my blog, I'm posting all photos and information that I collected over the internet. Hehe. With due respect and credit to the owners ofcourse. 

Kris Aquino's blog site/website
 Actually, the first thing who caught my interest on this site were the Teddy Bears, those Teddy Bears are so cute, I wanna have them.  

Jun Arceta's Music Blogsite
 Oh Yah! I should love JuncipopMusic , because this is the blog site of my friend, hehe. Juncci is the one helping me in all my blogging, website design, and coding. He is my google when it comes to gadget and/or technology.

Ate Betchay's blog site
We may not meet in persons' yet however, through her website I consider her as my LDF (Long Distance Friend). In her blog I've discover lots of information about Korea. From this I've appreciate Korea and Koreans even more. 

Janick's blog site turns to online shop.
I've discovered neawear in Etsy. Neawear reignited my passion in crafting. Whenever I see her crafts and photographs, it made me feel like I want to pursue crafting and learn photography and/or graphic design. I became a fan of her and her works. And my love for neawear grew even more because I never felt I was snob by Janick. I appreciated when she acknowledged my adoration to her blog and works. So, I was inspired...

 Whenever my entrepreneurial spirit is in me, there's no doubt I'll be looking for entrepreneur.com .

Architecture and Design
Oh yes! this site never fails to amused me.

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