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Oh Yah! Who doesn't want a free call, ofcourse all of us do. As I browsed online, this is what I've got, Dingtone App, where in you can make calls to any mobile and landline numbers for free however, there are some conditions; (1) if your going to call a mobile/landline number one of the users should have internet connection to make a call, (2) you should have credits to place a call.

5 ways to earn free credits

1. You have to check in daily to earn up to 5 credits
2. Watch videos to earn 1-3 credits
3. Download apps to earn more credits
4. Invite friends to use Dingtone 
5. Come back every day for free fortune credits

Negative aspects encountered
  • Does not give credits for invited friends
  • Some Rewards from downloaded apps were missing
  • Some apps has a virus
Apps that give rewards/free credits
  • Annegaling
  • Wasabee
  • GV Rewards
  • Kuya Kim
  • Guvera Music
  • Trip ni Belle
  • And more that I forgot to take note :D
When you join or sign up Dingtone you will get 15 credits. You can also purchase credits.

I observed that the quality of the call depends to the unit of the phone your using. Based on my experience aside to the internet connection speed, the unit of the phone seems has an impact to have a good quality of calls. When I'm using any of these unit; Samsung S5, Galaxy Tab 4 or Cherry Mobile Edge the person I'm calling hear me just and always a bad line. However, when I'm using Asus Zenfone 6 the calls were great. 

I can say that Dingtone is not perfect there were flaws that need to be improve, on the other hand for me Dingtone is the best mobile app to make free phone calls so far.

This blog post is my personal review. I'm grateful for finding this, this is very helpful for me, in a sense that I don't need to spend too much for international mobile call. As long as I'm wifi connected, I can call mobile number for free! Thank you Dingtone!

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