To the man who brighten up mylife

After all the heartaches that I've been through, I told to myself that the next time I enter in the relationship, I would definitely put an invisible wall, a boundary where in I can still leave something for myself, a little love for myself. When I met you, I knew, I want a good relationship with you and falling inlove is out of the topic however, falling inlove is something magical that you wouldn't know your already fallen... Yes! I didn't know then I've already fallen inlove with you.

Your sense of humor brought me some where I never been into... in blissful moment.

Your patience brought confidence in me... that I'm still worthy of someone's life... your life!

Your positivity brought me hope... that come what may you won't leave me...

Your perseverance vanished my doubts...

Your sensibility made me feel secured...

Your love for me ended all the pains inside me... it perceived how lucky I am for having the chance to be happy again with you!

Oh yes! I'm so lucky and grateful for having you, for not giving up on me inspite of my funny wee moods, for holding on no matter how hard it is to be with me.

Thank you and I love you to bits John Mills!


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