A Day Trip in Macau

Venetian Macau
It was so fulfilling that my supposed to be one country destination became two . Hong Kong was my first trip abroad, from there I made my DIY travel going to Macau. Macau is almost an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong, I took that chance to see the magnificent hotels there. 

And yes even just a day you will enjoy the Las Vegas of Asia, Macau! 

From Hong Kong I took Turbo Jet Ferry. I was lucky enough to bought a promo ticket on the same day of my travel. The original price of the ticket was $HKD 185 but I've got it for $HKD 150 only, nice price though. 

You can visit the Venetian Hotel, Grand Hotel Lisboa, Ruins of St. Paul's, and Senado Square in a day plus a couple of hours to get lost, hehe. 

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