How to know if your UK Visa Application is Approved

No one can tell if your UK Visa is approved or what unless you already have your passport and see a visa stamped on it.

I've read a similar email and text messages around the web, their visa was approved, and I received the same email, unfortunately my visa was denied. Below were the messages I've received from British Embassy Manila.

screenshot email

screenshot email from British Embassy Manila

After receiving these messages, I've received my documents in a few days. They sent back all original documents I've submitted with a 2 pages explanation why they denied my visa application. Well, fair enough, at least I have an idea why they denied my application unlike in applying Korean Visa, that no direct explanation why.

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  1. hey there why did they refuse ur visa if u dont mind share it with me? I applied for a uk family visa last week. so far i have got one email only. Im really nervous.

  2. Hi! They said they are not convinced that I have strong family ties and about the financial capability...