How to return and refund in Lazada Philippines

This post is not a sponsored blog, I'm writing this because I'm so glad and amazed how fast and hassle free Lazada refunded the item that I bought. 

One day, I found out that I need a USB sound card for the online job that I'm applying. I've looked in the nearest mall but they were out of stock, so I've tried to look at Lazada the online shopping in the Philippines. The delivery was fair enough and I chose the payment as cash on delivery. However to my dismay, It was not working still and so I just bought a new headset in the mall because I badly needed to work the old headset that I have as the deadline for the application is coming. 

I thought it many times if I'm going to return the defective USB sound card or not. In my mind I'm coy to do it and they may find the item cheap to give attention on my return. But I'm out of budget and the money that I bought for that was almost my last money. So, I took the chance to give it a try. I've checked and read thoroughly their website regarding the return and refund policy. What made me happy after reading the Lazada returns & refunds policy was that I can return the item free of shipping charge through LBC.

Since I met the required coverage of return policy, I followed the steps indicated on their website to initiate a return and that was: 

  1.  Login to my account 
  2. Went to my order and clicked return 
  3. Filled up return form 
  4. Printed return form
  5. Packed item {I packed same as I've got it, in bubble wrap (good thing I didn't throw the wrapper)} attached the sales invoice from the seller, airway bill given when they delivered the item, filled up & printed return form
  6. Sent the package through the nearest LBC 
Good thing the LBC customer associate knew what to do already. She checked the packaged and processed it without charge. I've noticed that the sending address to the return form was different from the LBC acknowledgement receipt, I confirmed it to the associate and according to her it was okay and they really use the address in the receipt.

After that, I was thinking if I should email or let Lazada customer service know about the item I sent but then I said to myself, I'm just going to wait for the item to be delivered before thinking on the next move. The delivery date stated in the acknowledgement receipt was on the 30th of July. 

Then, on the 1st of August, I received a text message and email from Lazada that my return has been approved and that they will update me on my refund within 2 business days. And to my surprised, on the 2nd of August they texted and emailed me again that my refund has been processed and when I checked my bank account, the money was already deposited. 

I was amazed and overwhelmed on how fast, detailed, and accurate the processing was. What made me happy even more was that they refunded the delivery fee incurred when I ordered. 

I can say that based on my experience, Lazada is not just an effortless shopping but effortless return & refund as well. Thanks and keep up the good work Lazada! 

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